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Test Preparation

At euro asia, with one of the best teachers with track records and exemplary experience, students can learn valuable strategies and content knowledge about the following exams: IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, PTE-A, SAT, GMAT and GRE.

Career Counselling

In order to become a culturally perceptive citizen, Euro Asia teaches and encourages students and provides them with all the skills and information required to interact efficiently and easily with local as well as global societies.

Visa Documentation Guidance

With your visa, we are not going to take a gamble at all. From our professional visa counselors, all Euro Asia students receive free visa counselling, visa file planning & mock training for visa interviews.

Course/ University Selection

You will be able to decide which course and country is ideally suited according to your personal & financial strength & which colleges you can do best at with our one-to-one personalized counseling at a time convenient for you


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hours of counselling
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happy students


When I think back, Japanese language school was very important place for me because I learned not only the language but also about life in Japan. In addition, Japanese-language school is not somewhere you go to "have fun". Living in a foreign country accompanies a lot of stress of course and is very hard, so I want people who have real dream to come. I should also add that you shouldn't cause any trouble to others.
Prakash Acharya
Fukuoka, Japan
I would like to tell them my favorite phrase as a "You can do anything if you try hard! Why don't you just go for it?" This phrase means you shouldn't lose confidence no matter what happens and should move forward. I'm sure staying in a foreign country is very tough and you may become mentally weak. But please don't forget that you came here with a dream and that you can do anything if you have confidence. Believe in yourself, have confidence and never give up!
Dambar Chauhan
Sendai Japan
What is difficult and fun about living and studying in Japan?

In many cases, I can't remember what I have memorized when I actually need to use it. I really have to become more used to the Japanese language. But my life as an international student is perfect. The happiest moment is when I finish the day, lie down, and think "I worked hard today, too!"
Ms. Anu Khadka
Tokyo, Japan