As I write in sept, 2017 the company has completed its 11th year of operation on 31st May 2017. Euro Asia has crossed many ups and down since its services to ambitious young Nepali students for their higher study procedure. It’s obvious that students have to go through various stress full and complicated to decide which country, institutions and what course to pursue to accomplish their abroad study need and dream. They really go through various confusions and lack of sufficient information during their admission to the institutions, application procedure, fees, admission requirement and environment of the destination country including the immigration and visa policy. Truly there are various unseen and unfold dimensions of application processes for students. Here we have our job to help them, assist them and provide genuine, authentic, factual information regarding destination countries educational policy, admission criteria for respective institutions and visa application procedure. They strive hard whether to score good marks in their test exam, to get admission from university or it is visa documentation process. Being their educational consultant, we serve them for their thriven abroad study program by minimizing their complication with proper guidance. When he work for them step by step to overcome their stress during admission and visa documentation processing tenure and finally after getting to their destination place they became “THANK FULL” toward us which is our great ornaments to last in this industry serving another ambitious young student. We are doing our best to meet the varieties of needs and requirements of our students and guardians. We are committed to provide quality service to our valued clients. We counsel students every detail they need to know without keeping any hidden facts. We try to reflect them the genuine scene of the country, education provider and their forth coming life as much as possible from our end. Which they will be living themselves after some days. These are some of the crucial reasons why we have our strong foot prints in this competitive market. We also provide our support to educational institutions for their marketing, seminars, interview sessions, educational fair, and expo including student recruitment from Nepal. We do provide our high quality and standard service to the educational institutions so that they can trust us further towards their own aim of growth and development. We believe recruit only genuine students who strongly aspire to study abroad and the particular country and institutions where they can flourish their bright future and earn lifelong skills and experience. Once we become authorized recruitment agent/consultancy of educational institutions we only recruit the quality student to our education provider. We will also meet the any recruitment target if there will be any. At the same time we are also happy to accept if the institutions we represent offers us sole representations and meet their admission target along with conducting marketing activities or any other support that is required to function from our end.

Surya Bahadur Dangi
Executive Director